Verana Trip001.JPG (420020 bytes) In late Feb, 2005 my small group went to Puerto Vallarta to celebrate Brad's 40th Birthday!  Here I am with the Sheldahls & Erikssons as we depart for the airport. Verana Trip012.JPG (417292 bytes) The weekend was a surprise which Pam had planned for Brad.  He had no idea until we all started appearing at the airport.  I am not sure you could wipe the smiles off our faces all weekend. 
Verana Trip023.JPG (439958 bytes) Once in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, we were taken by boat to Verana (  Here we are gathering before our adventurous, bumpy boat ride to the property. Verana Trip032.JPG (341541 bytes) Life is Good! 
Verana Trip054.JPG (353842 bytes) A nice chilled towel, a refreshing drink and the company of friends began our stay.  Our group of 15 took over the property.  It was great having the run of the place to ourselves! Verana Trip058.JPG (428116 bytes) The infiniti pool was the gathering place during the hours of sunlight.   It reminded me a little for the pool in Virgin Gorda at Little Dix Bay.  Here is the birthday boy ready to jump in!
Verana Trip066.JPG (437337 bytes) Fresh food for all! One night we had fresh fish that had been caught earlier in the day for our enjoyment.  The cuisine was fabulous. Verana Trip053.JPG (351502 bytes) Bugs are just a part of the experience.  Here a grasshopper joins me for a little fun.  I guess the shirt looked like grass!
Verana Trip078.JPG (438442 bytes) The simple pleasures of life.  A game of Bocci amidst the jungles.   Nice form Bradford! Verana Trip085.JPG (432599 bytes) Maybe not quite as spectacular as the sunsets in Hawaii, but Di & Kev made sure to enjoy the ending of the day in style!
Verana Trip102.JPG (361543 bytes) The boys minus Otis who have meant the world to me the last 7 years! Verana Trip110.JPG (360572 bytes) I guess when we are gathered to celebrate your birthday, you can do whatever you want.  That being said, I am not sure any of us knew what Brad was doing.
Verana Trip135.JPG (375176 bytes) The husbands and their Don Julio! Verana Trip136.JPG (322400 bytes) The wives waiting until they need to step in!
Verana Trip145.JPG (408738 bytes) Verana is a truly magical place.  A bit rustic, but a great getaway.   The flora and plant life was beautiful as shown here. Verana Trip162.JPG (410381 bytes) At the edge of the world.  Well, maybe not, but at least at the edge of the infiniti pool!
Verana Trip155.JPG (602094 bytes) More of the unique landscaping of Verana! Verana Trip163.JPG (259275 bytes) Though the mosquitos were not as bad in February as later in the year, we all had mosquito nets over our beds just to make sure we were not eaten alive.
Verana Trip164.JPG (373907 bytes) The view looking back toward Puerto Vallarta from my room. Verana Trip178.JPG (417479 bytes) Gathering for one final meal before we all had to get back to our varying responsibilities elsewhere. 
Verana Trip180.JPG (328988 bytes) Every room is unique in its design.  Here is one of the rooms! Verana Trip152.JPG (438050 bytes) My roommates.  As the only one who was single on the trip, I shared the Jungle Suite with the Sheldahl's. 
Verana Trip097.JPG (338556 bytes) Pam you outdid yourself in planning this one for Brad.  Thanks for inviting me to join you all.  A very worthwhile trip from Hawaii! Verana Trip197.JPG (407987 bytes) Piling back into the boat for the ride back toward Puerto Vallarta.   Verana is only accessible by boat.  It made the experience very unique. 
Verana Trip200.JPG (363779 bytes) Kev & I riding shotgun on the boat.  Thankfully the boat ride back was a bit smoother. Verana Trip212.JPG (416563 bytes) Brad practicing his guitar skills as we awaited our time to board the plane. 
Verana Trip215.JPG (381159 bytes) A little poker at the airport to help pass time and to try to pay for the trip.  If memory serves me correctly, the birthday boy did not finish very strong in the poker game!:) Verana Trip185.JPG (542820 bytes) Verana, how sweet it was!!!