Sunrise08.JPG (761830 bytes) While in Rota, I took an excursion for a few days.  The first part of the outing got me up early enough to see the sunrise as I was on my way to play Valderrama. Valderrama Holes02.JPG (548930 bytes) The smile could not be wiped off my face as I got to play Valderrama.  Holes like this one make it easy to see why this course hosted the Ryder Cup in 97.
Valderrama Jas Swing03.JPG (639246 bytes) Here I am on one of the long par threes preparing to let it rip.   Having played this course once, I am ready to play it again as course knowledge helps immensely.  Want to join? Valderrama Hole 1802.JPG (653176 bytes) Here is the 18th green.  The European Volvo Masters will be hosted by Valderrama at the end of Oct.  Needless to say the course was in great shape.
Valderrama17th Gree.JPG (593233 bytes) The 17th is a long par 5.  After crushing a 360 yd drive and then hitting my approach over water onto the green I had to take a pictures of what was now my favorite hole!J Gibraltar by Land02.JPG (494787 bytes) After sailing through the straits of Gibraltar last week, it was fun to drive back toward the area and see the Rock of Gibraltar by land. 
Sevilla02.JPG (70721 bytes) After playing Valderrama I took the car and drove to Sevilla for a couple of nights.  Here is the Cathedral in Sevilla which is the 3rd largest in Europe. Sevilla01.JPG (71521 bytes) The first night I was in Sevilla I got a taste of the culture as I went and saw a Flamenco dance and musical performance. 
Sevilla03.JPG (78754 bytes) The next morning I woke up and met Rich & Jen in Sevilla.   We went and got a little breakfast before browsing for bargains at the Street Market. Sevilla04.JPG (71368 bytes) After the flea market we went for a walk along the river in Sevilla.  As you can see from the picture, it was a beautiful setting.
Sevilla05.JPG (72279 bytes) Lunch took us to a tapas bar featuring mariscos.  Here I ate octopus and fish eggs for the first time with Rich & Jen.  Sevilla06.JPG (62130 bytes) That evening there was a beautiful sunset over Sevilla.  Here the sun sets over the palm trees in the Jardin de Murillo.
Sevilla07.JPG (67356 bytes) Rich & Jen went back to Rota that evening and I stayed in Sevilla for one more night to see a little more of the life of Sevilla.  It began with tapas & Sangria! Sevilla08.JPG (71043 bytes) As the night continued there was all sorts of activity in town.  One such activity was some locals singing, dancing and playing instruments.
Sevilla09.JPG (70441 bytes) I only include this picture for sentimental purposes.  After staying in many hostels and hotels in Europe the last 5 months, this hostel in Sevilla is the last one of my trip.J Sevilla10.JPG (60815 bytes) The next day I met another member of our sailing crew to Barbados at the train station after he flew in from Chicago.  Here are Steve & I on the train back to Rota.