So Long Sydney
Back to NSW.JPG (117542 bytes) Where have the last few weeks gone?  It seems like I was just here.   But now I am back in New South Wales for my final days in Sydney before going to New Zealand. Opera House02.JPG (81215 bytes) The Opera House and the Harbor Bridge were still standing in all their glory when I returned.
St Mary's Cathedral.JPG (120397 bytes) My return to Sydney was spent being a bit more cultured.  I spent more of my time walking around the city. Here is St. Mary's Cathedral standing in the midst of the city. Centrepoint Tower07.JPG (76801 bytes) I finally made it over to the Sydney tower which they say is the highest tower in the S. Hemisphere.  Here I am shortly before the sunset.
Centrepoint Tower01.JPG (69539 bytes) Here is the Sydney Tower as seen from the ground.  Art Gallery NSW01.JPG (104540 bytes) The 2nd day was spent visiting museums.  The first stop was the Art Gallery of New South Wales where they had a collection of over 300 of Pisarro's Impressionist Works.
Art Gallery NSW03.JPG (120270 bytes) Here I am in front of the Art Gallery! Australian Museum.JPG (83269 bytes) The next stop was the Australian Museum which displayed the Australian Aboriginal history.  But what really impressed me was this display!
Powerhouse Museum.JPG (170173 bytes) The third museum of the day was the Powerhouse Museum.  I couldn't pass it up.  Kylie01.JPG (62258 bytes) Why couldn't I pass up the Powerhouse Museum?  Because they had a display entitled Kylie.  So for my little niece I had to go see it.  It ended up being a tribute to Kylie Minogue.
Darling Harbor.JPG (132356 bytes) Darling Harbor was just a short walk from the hotel.  I went out there one night and also enjoyed walking around the harbor during the day! Open Air Theater05.JPG (59740 bytes) What would be the perfect ending to my Australia trip?  Not sure there could be one, but I tried by going to the Open Air Theater right on the water!
Broken Flowers Movie.JPG (530180 bytes) Despite a bit of rain during the movie, Broken Flowers, it was a great evening.  Valentines Day Eve (final day in Aussie) could only have been better if I had a date.  Oh well, maybe next year! 4 Seasons Front.JPG (643060 bytes) The trip ended in the same way it began with a great stay at the Four Seasons.  Now it is time to go to New Zealand.  Cheers Mates!