Opera House02.JPG (940215 bytes) Here I am over by Circular Quay.  In the background is the world famous Opera House! Room with a View.JPG (1017299 bytes) The Four Seasons Sydney is located in an idealic spot near the harbour.   Here is the view from my room as I look out toward the Opera House.
Harbour Bridge01.JPG (990022 bytes) The Harbour Bridge goes over one of the many waterways here in Sydney.   George Street02.JPG (1317943 bytes) Here I am taking a stoll down George Street from the hotel to The Rocks Market. 
Manly02.JPG (532922 bytes) My friend Kieran recommended coming over to a beach called Manly.  As you can see behind me there are a few more people on the beaches here than there are on Lanai!:) Manly05.JPG (472154 bytes) I guess I would rather have signs like this than signs indicating shark filled waters!
Manly03.JPG (461002 bytes) Strong current or not, I had to spend part of my first day in Sydney taking an official surf lesson.  A nice long soft board helped me feel a bit successful! IMG_0981.JPG (451827 bytes) Though the glare of the sun makes the picture less than ideal, the Sydney skyline is beautiful.  This picture was taken on a Harbour Cruise!
Zoo Entrance.JPG (1122336 bytes) I was not disappointed to spend one of my mornings at the Sydney Zoo.   Koala01.JPG (1116763 bytes) Of course the zoo in Sydney is a little different than the zoos back home.   I plan to make sure these are not my only encounters with Koalas.
Kangaroo03.JPG (652667 bytes) Here I capture on the kangaroos doing some shadow boxing in the corner.   Not sure I want to mess with this roo. Giraffes02.JPG (132972 bytes) The giraffes have some prime real estate here in Sydney.
Komodo Dragon.JPG (130417 bytes) Let's hope I don't run into the Komodo Dragon in the middle of the Outback. Andean Condor1.JPG (172490 bytes) Dad, I made sure to look at all the birds throughout the zoo while thinking of you!  Here is one of the condors.
Meerkat.JPG (101000 bytes) The meerkat is a very playful and social animal. Orangutan.JPG (139717 bytes) Though certainly not unique to Australia, the orangutan is always a character to see at the zoo.
Sydney Tour.JPG (146808 bytes) After leaving the zoo, it was time to be a definite tourist and take the double decker tour of the city. Sri Lanka-Aus Cricket Fans.JPG (153628 bytes) There was a huge cricket match going on in Sydney.  Here the fans line up outside the bar in anticipation.  Can someone explain cricket to me?
Victoria Shopping Center.JPG (118115 bytes) One of the stops along the tour was the Victoria Shopping Center! Bondi Beach01.JPG (98368 bytes) World famous Bondi Beach was the next destination.  Yikes there are a lot of people on the beaches here!
Bondi Beach03.JPG (960183 bytes) The other end of Bondi Beach.  Bondi to Bronte Walk01.JPG (139843 bytes) Following recommendations from others I hiked from Bondi to Bronte.   It was a beautiful walk with many outstanding sites.
Cliff View.JPG (112136 bytes) Though not as grand as the cliffs of Madeira, Amalfi, or Molokai, I still had to get a cliff picture for you Mom!:) Bondi to Bronte Walk03.JPG (132951 bytes) The time in Sydney came and went quickly.  It is now time to head to Melbourne for the Aussie Open.  I can't wait.  I'll be back in Sydney in a few weeks!