Stone Harbor, New Jersey
Boat Ride to AYC008.JPG (754856 bytes)
Though tennis was the reason I came to visit the Jersey Shore, my time included many other fun activities as well.  Here I am with the boys Brendan, Keith & Michael on their boat. Couch Sleeping002.JPG (866280 bytes) In between tennis, wakeboarding, dolphin watching, and much more Brendan, Michael & I could not help but take a little power nap.
Sunrise Aug 7008.JPG (562278 bytes) Though they tried to get me up several times for the sunrise, I did not make it to the beach for the sunrise until my final Sat in Stone Harbor.  It was a very memorable sunrise! Sunset Aug 4006.JPG (745192 bytes) Not only was the sunrise incredible, but most every night had a beautiful sunset.  From Florence to St. Tropez to Stone Harbor, I have seen some fantastic sunsets.
JasonWakeJPG.JPG (491298 bytes) Do I look ready for some tennis?  Not quite!  I am gearing up to go out on the boat to get pummeled as I learn to wakeboard.  JasonWakeboard 032.JPG (708853 bytes) Though far from being proficient, I was at least able to get the hang of wakeboarding.  It was fun to watch and learn from Brian, Jake and Brendan. 
Pine Valley014.JPG (2156056 bytes) How do I begin to explain the joy of playing at Pine Valley Golf Club, the top golf course in North America?  Thank you Hankowsky family for arranging this outing with NJ State Legislator, Fran Bodine! Pine Valley003.JPG (964752 bytes) Here I am standing on the tee box of the picturesque 3rd hole with my host, Fran Bodine.  I was able to sneak away from this challenging par 3 with a bogey from behind the trees to the right of the green.
Pine Valley004.JPG (1064740 bytes) Pine Valley definitely won the battle this time!  I can’t even count how many times I hit from below, beside and behind the trees.  Lefty, Righty, On the knees I used all the shots I had and more. Pine Valley013.JPG (2117462 bytes) I won’t embarrass myself by sharing my score, but the highlight was finishing par, par, birdie on 16-18.  Here I am teeing off on #18 for my lone birdie!  A great way to finish!
Hankowsky Family001.JPG (122515 bytes) Here is the whole family that I was fortunate to stay with in New Jersey on the shore.  They made me feel right at home during my 2 weeks with them.  Thank you very much! Keith Frog002.JPG (96597 bytes) Here is Keith having fun with the frog that he caught one evening in Avalon.  The youngest of the three boys, he was a delight to be around. 
Brothers003.JPG (526984 bytes) Michael was one of the twins.  If anything mechanical or technical needed to be figured out with the boat or camera or anything else, Michael was the one with the answers.  He is also a much improved tennis player now. Stone Harbor Yacht C001.JPG (1889618 bytes) Brendan was the other twin.   A very inquisitive, sensitive, and athletic child, I had a great time working with and just spending time with him.  Watch out Roddick, here comes Brendan!
Phillies Game016.JPG (1160284 bytes) One night we went into Philly and saw the Phillies take on the Rockies at Citizens Bank Park.  Our seats were amazing!  It was fun to visit another new stadium. Phillies Game010.JPG (1062294 bytes) In the first inning the Phillies got on the board first with a home run.  Here Michael & Brendan celebrate the home run with a high five!
Camden005.JPG (979128 bytes) My final night in NJ/Philly I got to go see Tom & Melanie Gazaway.  It was a pleasant surprise to see Papa Gaz show up as well.  It was fun to be with them in their home and city! Camden006.JPG (800320 bytes) Despite the slow service Tom, Jerry & I had a great dinner together.  In a matter of 2 days, I got to see all the Gazaway’s except Barb as I saw Jeff & Matt the next night in KC!
Tennis003.JPG (1018746 bytes) I almost forgot.  Tennis was a large part of my reason for being in New Jersey.  Here is Brendan showing off his forehand on the courts of Stone Harbor! Tennis008.JPG (975202 bytes) Michael & Brendan made considerable progress in their games.   I hope they continue to practice!  The smiles on our faces show how much we enjoyed being together on the courts!
Boat Aug 3017.JPG (675228 bytes) Here I am with the boys and Brian as we chased the dolphins in the ocean off the coast of Wildwood/Stone Harbor area.  There were dolphins everywhere.  It reminded me a bit of Lanai! Boat Ride to AYC006.JPG (735466 bytes) Thank you Bill, Rosemary, Michael, Brendan & Keith for inviting me to come and spend a few weeks with you at your home in Stone Harbor while I worked with the boys on their tennis!  It was a memorable time!