Sail to Madeira
Sail to Madeira01.JPG (57109 bytes) Here are our Commanders, Rich & Bernie, sitting at the Nav Station discussing what to do about the 2 storms that are brewing in our path to Madeira. Sail to Madeira03.JPG (70568 bytes) nstead of waiting until the following morning to depart on this 3+ day trip, it was determined that we leave ASAP.  Adrenaline flowing, sleep deprived Steve stands watch.
Sail to Madeira04.JPG (63553 bytes) We departed at 10 pm on what would be a 75 hour, 560 mile trip to Madeira.  Here is cleanly shaved, Rich, setting us on course. Sail to Madeira05.JPG (793476 bytes) Bernie & I had a rough first night on our watch as we were both feeding the fish in the rough waters. Here we are some 12 hours later looking a little better.
Sail to Madeira06.JPG (654287 bytes) Leaving Rota was a departure from continental Europe for me after 5 great months.  It was also the sun setting on a great 2 1/2 years for Chimera in the Med. Sail to Madeira07.JPG (58330 bytes) The storms did come and we all got in our storm gear as Rich models here.  The rough seas allowed us to bond in adversity and made reaching Madeira that much more rewarding.
Sail to Madeira08.JPG (69625 bytes) Time for a haircut, shave and shower!!!  Yes, I look a bit tattered by our 3rd night at sea in rough waters.  But how can you not smile and enjoy yourself with sunsets and miles of beautiful ocean. Sail to Madeira09.JPG (64346 bytes) We arrived in Madeira at approximately 1 am.  Here we are tying Chimera up to the finger dock after a great adventure!