Rota01.JPG (55873 bytes) As we departed on the last leg of our trip from Barbate to Rota, a rainbow over the point of Trafalgar reminded me the many blessings I have in my life.   Rota05.JPG (70671 bytes) What a beautiful boat she is.  Here is Chimera at sail on the way to Rota.  Guess who was at the wheel at this time?J
Rota03.JPG (56725 bytes) Here is the first fish that we caught in the Atlantic.  Another 3 pound dorado (also called dolphin & mahi mahi) was at the end of the line when we reeled it in. Rota02.JPG (65325 bytes) A model of concentration!  Capt Jen took her turn at the helm as we prepared to enter the port at Rota.  
Rota06.JPG (73431 bytes) It was exciting to arrive at Rota, our destination.  However, what I thought was going to be the ending point for me is  just the start as I will continue sailing with Chimera across the Atlantic. Rota07.JPG (68717 bytes) It will be sad to see Dave & Juana leave, but I guess not everyone has months to spend at sea.  A great first passage on Chimera with Rich, Jen, Dave & Juana.  Muchas Gracias!
Rota08.JPG (78360 bytes) Once in Rota, we had about 5 days to stay in port in Rota.   One of the more interesting sites to see in Rota is the Alcazar.  Here is a portion of it. Rota09.JPG (55591 bytes) Culture aficionados, Dave & Juana, made the most of our time in Rota by getting out in town to experience the tapa bars that were scattered throughout.
Rota10.JPG (54628 bytes) One of the “challenges” J of being at sea now is missing the baseball playoffs.   Here is a pub where I watched the Dodgers beat St. Louis in Game 4 from 2am-5am. Rota11.JPG (67374 bytes) We ate great meals in Rota.  Here is the final dinner we shared before Dave & Juana departed.  The new person in the picture is Bernie who is the regular capt of Chimera.
Rota12.JPG (74212 bytes) I enjoyed walking around Rota at night and day.  Here are the empty streets of Rota late one evening as I am headed back to the boat. Rota13.JPG (68934 bytes) Here is a picture of the lighthouse of Rota lighting up the port which we were docked in as seen from the roof of the hotel on the point. 
Rota14.JPG (70125 bytes) Here is a rock formation I stumbled upon along the Rota coastline. Rota15.JPG (78790 bytes) From the way it is described, I am glad I never went and watched a bull fight.  Here is a local bull fighting ring.  These were present all over Spain.