Drive to Glenorchy01.JPG (696967 bytes) My first stop in New Zealand was Queenstown.  Queenstown claims to be the adventure capital of the world.  It is also beautiful as it sits on Lake Wakapitu! Speed Dating.JPG (160223 bytes) First night in town was Valentines Day.  I got suckered into speed dating...a unique experience.  Let's hope circumstances are different next year!:)
Nevis Jump08.JPG (1488435 bytes) Bungy jumping was started in Queenstown.  I have wanted to do this since 40 days/40 nights with the boys in Colorado.  It was well worth the wait!   The Nevis jump was from 440 feet above a running river! Bungy.jpg (39211 bytes) Bombs away!!  It is definitely a rush I would be willing to repeat.  But as this is one of the highest in the world it will be hard to compare.
Lord ofRings Scenery04.JPG (760917 bytes) Lord of the Rings fans...Do you recognize the scenery?  My first full day I took a road trip out to Glenorchy where a good portion of the movies were filmed. Jet Boat05.JPG (1059953 bytes) Jet Boating on the Dart River.  Zipping in and out of rock formation on water sometimes not more than a foot deep!  I love the Great Outdoors!
Jet Boat08.JPG (1297552 bytes) Though far from the beach, being in the mountains of Queenstown is a whole other type of beauty.  Here is a typical scene from our jet boat up the Dart River! IMG_1887.JPG (1508924 bytes) Chirgy, the last time I took a photo like this was on the road trip in 2000 up near Wallowa!  It brought back some crazy memories.
IMG_1891.JPG (1650109 bytes) I took a roadtrip to Milford Sound despite being under the weather.  The S. Alps mtn range on the drive were stunning on this beautiful day. IMG_1905.JPG (235554 bytes) The drive to the sound was breathtaking, but the sound itself  was even more remarkable.  Here I am taking a cruise on the Milford Sound. 
IMG_1918.JPG (238926 bytes) Even in the midst of summertime in New Zealand there were waterfalls flowing all around.  Here I am in front of one such example. IMG_1932.JPG (275674 bytes) Even though I was sick and it took 5 hours each way to get there, I think the road trip was worth it.  Hopefully I will start feeling better.  My body is just not used to "cold" weather.  Pathetic, huh?
IMG_1904.JPG (228240 bytes) One more picture of the picturesque Milford Sound! IMG_1944.JPG (1479142 bytes) I stayed at a great hostel in Queenstown called Bumbles.  It is right on Lake Wakapitu.  A fun, convenient place to stay for five days.
IMG_1939.JPG (206004 bytes) In the center of town there is a gondola up one of the main moutains.   At the top they have the Urban Bungy and sky swing.  You can see the jump zone in the foreground!  I could not pass it up! IMG_1934.JPG (274933 bytes) These bungy sky swing have a bit more of an edge than the usual swing at elementary schools.  The bungy swing was fun, but wasn't quite as big a rush as the bungy jump the day before.
IMG_1938.JPG (384501 bytes) Since the swing didn't quite have the rush, I decided to do the urban bungy jump as well.  Not the greatest pic, but it will have to do until I can access the other ones.  IMG_1946.JPG (937283 bytes) My last night in Queenstown, I had a wine and cheese picnic.  Here are Bridget and I  showing some of the finer points of the picnic!
IMG_1957.JPG (425918 bytes) What better way to end a stay in Queenstown than going off the original bungy bridge which allows you to jump and get refreshed in the flowing river below as the bungy extends.. IMG_1958.JPG (308633 bytes) Feeling a little more comfortable in this sport I did a double flip on my last bungy before plummeting below and being refreshed in the Kawarau River. 
Drive to Glenorchy02.JPG (484286 bytes) I wish I could stay in Queenstown longer.  This is a great city which I leave today with many great memories and exciting times.  Off to the N. Island of New Zealand! Jet Boat02.JPG (1434472 bytes) So long Queenstown, Glenorchy, & Milford Sound!  Great adventure, great beauty and great people.  I will be back one day!!!