Marina Del Este
Marina Del Este01.JPG (57347 bytes) From Formentera, we set sail early in the morning for Marina del Este.  This was about a 48 hour trip.  During the sail Rich and I took the dinghy out to get some pics of Chimera.  What fun! Marina Del Este03.JPG (59822 bytes) After nearly 24 hours at sea, life got a little more interesting when we caught our first fish.  Though not large, here is Rich weighing the mahi mahi.
Dolphin17.JPG (308862 bytes) Rich & Jen knew right what to do with the fish once it was onboard.  Here is Rich carving the fish to give us some filets which Jen made into some fresh ceviche. Marina Del Este04.JPG (64802 bytes) Obviously, we all took our turns on night watch in order to keep an eye out for other vessels and any other potential dangers.  Here is Jen doing her part on night watch.
Arr Marina del Este01.JPG (809689 bytes) After 45 hours at sea, we made it to Marina del Este in Andalucia at day break.  It was a blast to be at sea with land nowhere in sight for much of the 48 hours. Marina Del Este08.JPG (70778 bytes) Within driving distance from the Marina was the city of Grenada which is where the Alhambra Palace from the 9th century still stands.   Here I am atop the palace walls.
Alhambra13.JPG (668460 bytes) The grounds of the Alhambra is filled with many beautiful gardens and fountains!  Sound familiar?   Here is just one of the many flowering courtyards. Marina Del Este07.JPG (92429 bytes) The trees at the Alhambra were often manicured so that they act as windows to the various structures around the grounds. 
Marina Del Este10.JPG (57164 bytes) More of the Alhambra as seen through a small opening in one of the towers. Marina Del Este11.JPG (70765 bytes) Upon leaving Grenada we decided to go to Alfacar, a place known for its bread & panerias.  You will have to ask about what about so as not to incriminate ourselves!J
Marina Del Este12.JPG (70494 bytes) Juana, are you comfortable?  Jane chose to sit in the back as the Ford Focus we rented in Grenada was a little small for 5 people.  Good thing she is so tiny! Marina Del Este13.JPG (65243 bytes) After the day exploring Grenada and Alfacar we headed back to Marina del Este. Here is a picture from the hill above the port.
Marina Del Este14.JPG (73118 bytes) We have not lacked for good food on the trip thus far.  Rich and Jen sure know how to cook.  But our final night in the Marina Dave & Jane treated us to dinner at Pub David. Sail to Estapona02.JPG (617324 bytes) Though yet to really capture a good picture of the dolphins, we have had dolphins swimming and jumping next to our boat several times.  Here is the best pic I have so far!
Sail to Estapona04.JPG (217496 bytes) It was now time to leave Marina del Este and sail to Estepona.   As the picture illustrates, the sights while at sea are spectacular. Marina Del Este05.JPG (94529 bytes) Jen & Rich obviously are enjoying getting some good father/daughter time as they sail and explore the southern coast of Spain together.