Mallorca16.JPG (81994 bytes) From Barcelona I flew to the beautiful island of Mallorca which is in the Ballearic Island Chain off of Spain.  Mallorca07.JPG (86624 bytes) Here is my home for the next period of time.  A beautiful Hinckley 60 ft sailboat called Chimera.  It is my home in the port and also will be my home at sea.   Yahoo!!!
Mallorca02.JPG (81386 bytes) It was fun to see my friend Rich and his daughter Jen upon arriving on Mallorca.  We began our site seeing of Mallorca with a day in Soller. Mallorca01.JPG (84215 bytes) The best way to get to Soller was on an old fashioned train ride.  Here I am hanging out the side as it was a bit crowded aboard.
Mallorca05.JPG (83245 bytes) The Cathedral is a major monument on Mallorca.  After all the Cathedrals I have seen this summer, I was still quite impressived with this one on the island. Mallorca03.JPG (73200 bytes) We were fortunate to be in Mallorca for a full moon.  Here is the moon rising over the Cathedral as we sat having our Sangrias in the Old Town.
Mallorca04.JPG (88224 bytes) Here is the beautiful rose window inside the Cathedral. Mallorca06.JPG (88917 bytes) There are beautiful flowers and fountains throughout Mallorca as evidenced by this picture.
Mallorca08.JPG (83250 bytes) The other two members of our crew on the trip to Rota are Dave & Jane.  Here Dave and Rich are serenading Jane after Dave’s birthday dinner. Mallorca10.JPG (88427 bytes) One of our (Dave’s) favorite hang outs in Palma is Abaco.   A rather eclectic place decorated with fresh fruits and flowers.  You have got to see it to believe it.
Mallorca09.JPG (78201 bytes) Happy Rich?  I think so.  We were all happy celebrating Dave’s birthday with tapas and drinks.     Mallorca17.JPG (69275 bytes) We had some extra time in Mallorca when a few final parts were delayed in arriving to the boat.  So we took advantage of the time with a beautiful drive along the w. coast. 
Mallorca12.JPG (74166 bytes) The first stop of the day was in Andratx.  We began with a little breakfast in the port. Mallorca15.JPG (105248 bytes) The next stop was Estellencs.  We handcuffed Dave to the fence so he would not get into any unnecessary trouble.  The buildings, shutters, flowers, corners were all so beautiful.
Mallorca19.JPG (81242 bytes) Then we went to Valldemosa which is famous in part because it was home to Chopin for many years.  A very tranquil setting for all.  Can you tell? Mallorca20.JPG (85694 bytes) Deia was next on our tour. Deia is a small community of just over 300 people, but has become a rather trendy spot to visit thanks to its beauty made famous by some of its famous residents.
Mallorca21.JPG (80874 bytes) We stopped for a drink at La Residencia in Deia.  Here is the view as you walk out of Hotel towards the town. Mallorca13.JPG (78926 bytes) The beauty of Mallorca is not hard to see.  The charm & character that you see as you walk through the little towns is hopefully partially demonstrated in this picture.
Mallorca14.JPG (66223 bytes) Beautiful flowers are present throughout the island.  I have a whole lot of flower pictures, but I won’t bore you with them. Mallorca22.JPG (67810 bytes) Rich loves to drive, even if it means going the wrong way on a one way street with only inches to spare on the side as shown by this picture.
Mallorca23.JPG (74741 bytes) Here is the group that will be the crew from Mallorca to Rota.   A fun group of very unique individuals…Jen, Rich, Jason, Dave & Jane (Juana). Mallorca18.JPG (68950 bytes) Mallorca was beautiful, but it is now time to head to sea!  Thanks for the memories Mallorca.  Off to new horizons on the sea!!