Lanzarote, Canary Islands
Lanzarote Website01.JPG (68531 bytes) After a fabulous time on Madeira we sailed to the Canary Islands.   It was a very pleasant sail with good sailing conditions.  When the sailing is smooth the relaxation and time for reflection can’t be beat. Lanzarote Website03.JPG (74110 bytes) After about 75 hours at sea, we were close enough to Lanzarote to pull out the binoculars to try to figure out where the marina was.  Here Bernie and Rich are scanning the horizon for any clues.
Lanzarote Website04.JPG (54706 bytes) While Bernie and Rich were looking out from the cockpit, Steve went to the bow of the boat to help guide us to our marina.  As you can see in front of Steve, Lanzarote was a rather dry island, which was very different from Madeira. Lanzarote Website02.JPG (57013 bytes) As I mentioned the sail to Lanzarote was fairly routine and very relaxing.  We saw nothing but ocean for miles and a couple of beautiful sunsets and sunrises!  I can only expect that to continue over the next several weeks!
Lanzarote Website05.JPG (64746 bytes) After getting the boat situated we went out and grabbed food and drink to toast our arrival at a new place for all of us.  Here are Steve & I with our food and drink of choice!  Cheers! Lanzarote Website06.JPG (71958 bytes) One night Steve and I stumbled upon some Salsa dancing lessons.   What fun!  The atmosphere and group of people that were there made it a very fun evening.   Watch out for the pool Steve!J
World Series01.JPG (130989 bytes) After dancing I went home and was able to order the World Series telecast on my computer.  What fun to watch the World Series, on Chimera, in the Canary Islands, from 2-5 am.  Not the greatest pic, but you get the spirit of it!J Sites of Lanzarote18.JPG (119934 bytes) The following day we did some touring of Lanzarote.  The landscape here was very different from Madeira.  Here we are looking out over the dry hills of Haria toward the Atlantic Ocean.
Sites of Lanzarote08.JPG (122749 bytes) More of the geography of Lanzarote. Sites of Lanzarote07.JPG (121805 bytes) Here is our crew of 5 in front of what once might have been called a boat.  We decided not to trade in Chimera for this!
Sites of Lanzarote15.JPG (104542 bytes) At the north end of Lanzarote, one can look out and see this view of La Graciosa which is a very small island here in the Canaries.  Unfortunately it was a little cloudy and windy on this day, but it was still a beautiful site. Restaurant Acatife09.JPG (73599 bytes) One of our final stops of the day was in Teguise.  Here I am on the outside of a very old restaurant in Teguise with the local church in the background.  Stratt, the ponytail is for you!
Restaurant Acatife06.JPG (124774 bytes) Bernie I wish you would look like you were having some fun!   Somehow I think Bernie must have just told a joke or heard one of Rich’s jokes!  They are quite a pair. Restaurant Acatife01.JPG (128106 bytes) Inside Restaurant Acatife, Rich called his good friend, Tom, on the phone to tell him we were sitting at the restaurant he recommended based on an article in Conde Nast.  A very interesting local meal of kid and rabbit!
Dinner with Dardis01.JPG (115231 bytes) One of the highlights of Lanzarote for me was catching up with a current PBI pro, Joe Dardis, who works on Lanzarote.  He and his wife and daughter joined me for dinner one night.  It was fun seeing him and sharing stories. Dinner with Dardis02.JPG (100174 bytes) Isn’t Isabella a cutie?  I couldn’t help but want to hold her as we walked home from the restaurant.   Sure made me miss my little niece, Kylie who I hear is not so little anymore.
More Lanzarote04.JPG (124216 bytes) The final evening, Rich, Jen, Steve & I did some exploring in Arrecife.  We began the evening by going to El Castillo San Jose which had been used in the past to protect itself from pirates. More Lanzarote08.JPG (125143 bytes) Inside Castillo San Jose is now an art museum on the top floor and a restaurant on the bottom floor.  Here is a picture taken from the bottom floor looking out as a Cruise boat takes off from port.
More Lanzarote03.JPG (119626 bytes) Here is the port in which we stayed in Lanzarote called Marina Rubicon.  A nice, new marina which like much of the island is growing and building.  Lanzarote Rainbow02.JPG (106313 bytes) Another rainbow in another beautiful part of the world.  Next stop Gran Canaria!