Returning to Lanai
Day 102.JPG (134104 bytes) 2 years after leaving Hawaii to move to St. John, I was somehow back on Lanai to run the tennis program.  Here I am arriving at the airport in mid Dec 2005. Day 112.JPG (615712 bytes) The smell of plumeria, Hulopoe Beach, the pool at Manele Bay, friends, and of course the golf were all welcome sites upon my return.  Here I am right after arriving at MBH.
Day 207.JPG (755439 bytes) After changing out of my suit I walked over to Sweetheart Rock.  It brought a smile to my face to be back. Day 211.JPG (646976 bytes) After arriving back on Lanai, I got together with my friend and golf buddy, Edwin, for a meal at good ol Blue Ginger Cafe.  Amazing how similar many things seem since I left.
Kaumalapau Harbor07.JPG (767004 bytes) One of my favorite places to watch the sun set on Lanai is Kaumalapau Harbor. Ancient Church03.JPG (929480 bytes) A trip to this old church brought back good memories from being on Lanai previously and created some new ones. 
PICT0025.JPG (377565 bytes) The pod of dolphins that live off the coast of Lanai are amazing.   Here one of the spinners does its thing in front of Sweetheart Rock! PICT0149.JPG (376282 bytes) As was the case when I was here before, I love having visitors come to Lanai.  Here is my friend from college, Matt Doud, standing with me on the 12th teebox with the 17th hole behind us.
Cliff Jumping03.JPG (515619 bytes) In order to get the most out of Lanai, I had to return and do a little cliff jumping.  Chirgy, where are you?  Before the long hair was cut, I jumped!   Look out below!!! Beach Wednesday08.JPG (396389 bytes) I can't have a site with pictures of Lanai without showing the beach.   In the background you can see MBH and the villa homes where I am fortunate to live.
Day 305.JPG (589971 bytes) Yes, I did actually return to Lanai to work.  Here I am teaching my first lesson back on Lanai to my old friend, Tague. He was back for the Christmas holiday with his family. PICT0243.JPG (410787 bytes) Here are Seth & I as we hosted a couple of friends from Seattle and explored the island.  Here the view shows Molokai in the background.
Maui24.JPG (324067 bytes) Doesn't everyone in Hawaii surf?  Well, a group of us went to Maui one day to test our skills.  I clearly still don't have any talent in this sport.  Maybe one day! Whale Boat08.JPG (612849 bytes) Here I am out in one of Trilogy's boats on a very successful dolphin and whale watching trip.  In the background you can see the island that I once again call home, Lanai!
PICT0006.JPG (449786 bytes) On occasion we host outings with groups from the other islands at Manele.   On this day a group from Maui battled it out on the court with the women of Lanai! Last Sunset04.JPG (408647 bytes) The sunsets of Hawaii are amazing.  Just one example of what I see every night!!!
PICT0012.JPG (367103 bytes) The Eitel's were very gracious and took me windsurfing on the N. side of the island early in the year.  I think I need a bit more practice! PICT0059.JPG (376058 bytes) Another day we went over to Shark Fins Cove for a little water skiing and scuba diving.  Not a bad life, huh?
Plumeria.jpg (45053 bytes) It is not hard to to remember to take time and smell the flowers when they look and smell as beautiful as the plumeria trees that are throughout the island. IMG_2126.JPG (1396473 bytes) The beach by Sweetheart Rock is never crowded.  On this day it was a perfect day to play a little frisbee!
PICT0593.JPG (438809 bytes) The Elliotts were nice enough to invite me out on their catamaran for a sail around Lanai.  Here I am playing with a couple of their grandchildren. jas2.jpg (109575 bytes) I have gotten out in the kayaks a couple times.  On this day I made it over to 3 Stones.  The sharks I encountered made this a little more exciting!!