Kansas City & Chicago
Ice Cream.JPG (90406 bytes) The first night I arrived, we gathered at the Gazaways for a barbecue.  Thanks Matt & Tara!  Then Tara, Matt, Sunuks, Heather and I headed out for some local ice cream! Golf002.JPG (103548 bytes) Gaz, Sunuks, Whity & I hit the links on Thursday morning.   Though the play was not pretty, we all had fun!  Sunuks putter carried us to victory in the match on his birthday!
Mystery Dinner.JPG (712473 bytes) That evening we gathered at the Sunukjian’s for an amazing dinner in honor of Jason Sunukjian’s 32nd birthday.  Here are Joe, the Gazaway’s, the Deeble’s & the Sunukjian’s. Sunuk Bday024.JPG (85197 bytes) Heather prepared an amazing evening toasting and honoring her husband.  Here the man of the hour helps to explain one of his many nicknames.  HEY DOO!
Bocci Ball003.JPG (94632 bytes) Bocci Ball is following me on my trip.  Having never played before this trip, I have now played in St. Barths, France, Maine and now KC.  Here is Deebs stellar, but so cool form! Geno's.JPG (94794 bytes) KC was only a part of this trip.  On Friday we headed to Chicago for the weekend.  The weekend began with pizza at Geno’s.  A trip to Chi Town without pizza is just not right.
Espn Sportszone.JPG (77593 bytes) After Geno’s we went to the ESPN Zone and saw our money quickly evaporate playing games.  It was a great start to the weekend, especially as we graciously gave Gaz a victory in the hoops! Original Pancake House.JPG (97676 bytes) Several of our days began at the Pancake House.  The breakfasts we ate there rivaled any breakfasts we had ever had elsewhere!  We could not get enough of this place in Chi town!
Red Line003.JPG (92571 bytes) Although we took a rather circuitous route to Wrigley the red line finally arrived.  We were all ready to see the Dodgers & Cubbies battle it out on this beautiful day at the ballpark. Waveland Ave001.JPG (96974 bytes) Before we went into the stadium we went to Waveland Ave to shag some batting practice home runs.  This is about as good as it got for Whity & Deebs as they waited and waited!
Waveland Ave002.JPG (88124 bytes) However the wait was not as painful for everyone.  As has been the story of my trip thus far, everything just seems to fall into place.  I was able to snag a BP ball on Waveland! Lima Time002.JPG (97922 bytes) Before the game we headed down to the field to check things out.   Sunuks got up close and personal with the Dodgers in this picture with Jose Lima.  Nice work Sunuks!  Nice lid Gaz!
Wrigley Field.JPG (94882 bytes) WRIGLEY FIELD!  Not a bad place for a ball game! Wrigley 7th Inn Stre003.JPG (91098 bytes) I am not sure whether this was during the 7th inning stretch or a celebration of the quarters game we played, but we all had a great time despite the Cubbies victory!
Cubs Win002.JPG (104458 bytes) Yes the Cubs did win!  But if I am going to see the Dodgers lose I guess Wrigley is as good a venue to see a Dodger loss as any!  Swing the bat Jayson Werth, especially if it an 0-2 count!   Crate & Barrel009.JPG (81569 bytes) Though the day was highlighted by Wrigley, it was certainly not done.  Directly after the game, Deebs dragged us all to Crate & Barrel to see a chair that was not in stock.
John Hancock Buildin005.JPG (97268 bytes) From C & B, we went to the 96th floor of the John Hancock Building for drinks and a view of the city.  It was a beautiful site overlooking Lake Michigan and much of Chi town!  What do you think Sunuks & Whity? Frisbee Golf007.JPG (81195 bytes) A weekend with the boys would not be complete without a round of Frisbee golf.  The shore of Lake Michigan near the Navy pier was the perfect lay out for our round!  Where to, Deebs?
Frisbee Golf009.JPG (77970 bytes) As the sun set we finished up our round along the shore.   Though not as spectacular as many sunsets on the trip, we still enjoyed the conclusion to a great round of Frisbee golf. Soldier Field014.JPG (83794 bytes) After a great time catching up on each others lives at Calypso we headed to Soldier Field.  The steps of Soldier Field made a great backdrop for smoking the Cubans I had bought in St. Barths.
Soldier Field018.JPG (79087 bytes) Whity had the floor while we were at Soldier Field.  Here Deebs, Whity & Gaz take a few of their last puffs on the stogies.  Bocci Ball008.JPG (90907 bytes) Thank you guys for a fabulous weekend.  It was great catching up and continuing to see what God is doing in each of our lives.  Keep running the race with faith!!!