Kangaroo Island/Adelaide
Beckwiths Farm04.JPG (1247130 bytes) The purpose in going to Kangaroo Island was to see Aussie wildlife in their natural environs.  That definitely happened.  Here is a local wallaby hopping along where I ate lunch! Sea Lion Colony02.JPG (1110387 bytes) One of the first stops on the tour of Kangaroo Island was to the Sea Lion colony.  These New Zealand Sea Lions come to the coast to mate and have their babies!
Remarkable Rocks03.JPG (251371 bytes) On this island of mostly limestone, there are some aptly named, “Remarkable Rocks” made out of granite which are a unique site to see. Remarkable Rocks05.JPG (531403 bytes) Lounging on one of the smaller Granite Rock Formations!
Admirals Arch02.JPG (817877 bytes) Next we came to a natural arch, which has been formed by years of the ocean crashing against the cliff.  This arch is called Admirals Arch and is a breeding ground for New Zealand Fur Seals. New Zealand Fur Seal05.JPG (933151 bytes) Here is one of the Fur Seals that was lounging under Admiral’s Arch until a certain photographer approached to get a picture.  They can move pretty quick for such a large mass of blubber!
Jas & Kangaroo01.JPG (892145 bytes) I made a friend.  He smelled the food in my bag and wanted some.  This is why I came to Kangaroo Island.  Jas & Kangaroo05.JPG (720479 bytes) Here my friend and I are just hanging out.  How cool to just hang out with a kangaroo!  What do you think about that Kylie?J 
Kang Is Sealink03.JPG (771385 bytes) I was going to stay 2 days on Kangaroo Island, but felt one day was sufficient, so I headed back on the boat that evening toward Adelaide. Barossa Wine Tasting02.JPG (526809 bytes) Not really much of a wine connoisseur, I did my best Sunukjian impersonation and went on a wine tasting tour in the Barossa Valley.  Here I am at the first of our four wineries!
Barossa Wine Tasting04.JPG (509395 bytes) Two consecutive days traveling in a group made me appreciate the time I have had traveling by myself and seeing things on my own timeline.  But here is the wine tasting group with Barossa Valley behind us. Barossa Wine Tasting01.JPG (503081 bytes) In addition to visiting the wineries, we did some of the tourist spots, like visiting a toy factory that stakes its fame in having the world’s largest Rocking Horse.  Next it is off to Ayers Rock.