Greek Isles

Day 2006.JPG (128615 bytes) Departing Athens before the Olympics was over was not an easy decision, but I was afraid if I didn’t I would not make it to the Greek Isles like Santorini. Day 2037.JPG (112917 bytes) Santorini was a stunning island.  The white homes and churches throughout the island stood in such contrast to the beautiful blue Aegean Sea.
Day 2011.JPG (118408 bytes) Getting around the island was made all the more fun on this little moped.  It brought back many good memories of the moped I was given on my 16th birthday. Day 1020.JPG (118334 bytes) The sunsets of Santorini have been written up as some of the most beautiful in the world.  Maybe I have been spoiled, but I will take the Hawaiian (& even Caribbean) sunsets over these. 
Day 2001.JPG (122010 bytes) Though far from a 5 star resort, the Hotel Olympia gave me a place to rest my head when I was not out exploring the beauty of this Mediterranean slice of paradise Day 2002.JPG (121189 bytes) On my 2nd day in Santorini I wound up at Santo Winery to do some wine tasting.  The wine was good, but the real fun was sitting on the balcony writing postcards and in my journal. 
Day 2027.JPG (117489 bytes) The beaches of Santorini were rock and not sand.  Additionally, much like St. Tropez or even New Jersey, it boggles my mind to have to pay to sit on a beach.  Though beautiful, I prefer St. John beaches.    Day 2008.JPG (118881 bytes) Occasionally a building broke the mold and was not white.  Here a wild horse stands in contrast to the multi-colored building behind it.
Day 2012.JPG (110607 bytes) I tried to see as much of the island as time would permit.   On the complete opposite side of the island of Oia (where I watched the sunset) stands this lighthouse.  Day 2013.JPG (128400 bytes) Below the lighthouse were rocks and cliffs that jutted out over the beautiful blue sea below it.  I found the best vantage point to be out on the edge.
Day 2003.JPG (122706 bytes) Santorini was beautiful and well worth visiting.  The water, the cliffs, the white buildings, the sunsets, the hiking, et all make it a must see locale.  Wish you were here with me as it would be even better with someone else! Paros Port002.JPG (123209 bytes) From Santorini I went to Paros for a very brief visit.  I would love to go back when I have more time to explore.  
Samos001.JPG (131361 bytes) Samos was a brief layover on my journey to Turkey.  Again, an island I would love to get back to at some time in the future.  Turkey & Greek Flag.JPG (95395 bytes) As I left Samos by boat, my eye caught the Turkish flag flying with the Greek flag in the background.  I was now leaving Greece with many memories in the background and moving on to Turkey.