Great Ocean Road
Great Ocean Road27.JPG (1148902 bytes) Words and pics can’t begin to describe the beauty of the Great Ocean Road between Melbourne and Adelaide.  Mallorca, Hwy 1, Madeira, Road to Hana & even the Amalfi Coast fail to compare! Bells Beach05.JPG (902890 bytes) This 2 day trip could not go slow enough as I drove.  It was spectacular.  It began at the famous surf beach, Bells Beach.
Committed Surfer.JPG (1191432 bytes) This is commitment.  Here is a true surfer strapping her surfboard to her bike and riding the hills to the beach!  Impressive! Great Ocean Road15.JPG (790749 bytes) Lighthouses have been a beacon along the coastline.  Lighthouses always remind me of sailing through the Straits of Gibraltar with Rich & Dave in 04.
Jas Beach Grt Ocean Rd.JPG (809656 bytes) The beaches along the way are too numerous to count.  I tried to take in every bit of beauty as I could, but I would never have gotten anywhere.  But a scheduled 4 hour first day still became 8 hrs. Great Ocean Road.JPG (973517 bytes) How can you not stop and admire the views?  I wish some of you could have joined me for this trip!  You all must try to do it at some point.
Cape Patton Lookout02.JPG (1008146 bytes) Someone definitely is in need of a haircut as the wind so aptly demonstrates at Cape Patton Lookout. 12 Apostles03.JPG (1046095 bytes) The first day ended at sunset at a place called the 12 Apostles which are like exclamation marks rising from the ocean floor.  The limestone formations are stunning as they jut out of the ocean.
12 Apostles12.JPG (896363 bytes) The end of a great day of driving.  The sun setting over one shoulder and the 12 Apostles showing their spectacular beauty over the other shoulder is definitely a place that is inspiring. Port Campbell Hostel.JPG (879121 bytes) The first night I stayed in a little hostel in Port Cambell which was situated overlooking the local harbor. 
The Arch.JPG (1070087 bytes) The 2nd day began with more stunning ocean sites.   Here is “The Arch” which has been formed through years of ocean waves crashing against it. London Bridge.JPG (915570 bytes) Another noteworthy site on the 2nd day is this spot which is titled, “London Bridge.” 
Bay of Islands03.JPG (865409 bytes) If you want to see more pics, I have dozens, but just one more is this one of the area called the Bay of Islands because behind me are tens of little rock formations coming out of the sea. Koalas02.JPG (1366522 bytes) Not only did I see beautiful sites in the 2 days, but there was quite a bit of wildlife I saw as I drove.  For instance there were sleeping koalas in the Eucalyptus trees next to the road on Day 1.
Tower Hill Koala03.JPG (1479697 bytes) But on the 2nd day I struck gold when I found this Koala awake and willing to interact.  I resisted the temptation to grab and hold him!J Tower Hill Koala04.JPG (1380993 bytes) Kylie this picture is for you!  I wish you could have been here to see it in person! 
Porcupine.JPG (1928542 bytes) The local echidna was seen on more than one occasion trying to burrow into the ground.  I think it was my first time seeing a porcupine in the wild. Tower Hill Emu.JPG (1508755 bytes) When I pulled over into the Tower Hill Reserve I saw many Emu’s who were not afraid to approach humans or the cars.
Tower Hill Kangaroos07.JPG (1593314 bytes) Can you see the kangaroo in the midst of the trees.  They were a bit evasive of an up close picture.  But soon that will change. (See Kangaroo Island Page) Aussie Sheep.JPG (802939 bytes) Of course there were the Aussie Sheep grazing along the side of the road as well!  But I have seen lots of sheep in the past!
Warrnambool Cheese 01.JPG (1253553 bytes) As if I wasn’t tasting a piece of heaven already, I stumbled upon Australia’s Cheese Factory.  So I stopped and tasted cheeses that took me right back to Switzerland!  YUMMERS!!! Random Ferry02.JPG (798236 bytes) The last few hours went a little more inland to avoid marsh and saltlands.  Then all of a sudden I was going across a random car ferry.  Very cool.  What an experience!
Aussie Tree.JPG (779801 bytes) Even though the last portion of the drive was inland and not right on the coast there was still pretty scenery like these and many other trees. Powernap Sign.JPG (1402869 bytes) Just in case people got tired they had signs like this consistently on the side of the road.  Gaz, I think you could have used these signs back in Summerland.  What do you think?
Entering S. Australia.JPG (590165 bytes) The purpose of this trip was the drive, but a side purpose was to get me from the state of Victoria to the state of S. Australia.  Goal Accomplished…Check! Port Jervis Lighthouse.JPG (621146 bytes) The end of the journey was at Port Jervis where I saw this lighthouse.  From here I would catch a ferry the next morning to Kangaroo Island!
12 Apostles05.JPG (971148 bytes) What Memories of a Spectacular drive!  Can you tell I liked it?  Let's hope Kangaroo Island can compare!