Germany01.JPG (79298 bytes) I had the privilege of  visiting my friend Tanja in the village of Olstenheim in S. Germany.  This is the view I had waking up in this beautiful village the few mornings I was there. Germany02.JPG (75972 bytes) When I heard that Tanja had a horse, I asked if we could go see her one morning.  So the first morning, we went over and fed Lady.  Here is Tanja and her horse named Lady.
Germany04.JPG (76646 bytes) After making sure that Lady was adequately fed, I got the chance to ride her for a bit.  Needless to say, I was a bit rusty in my riding technique.  But it brought back good memories of Hawaii.  Germany05.JPG (70362 bytes) From there we went and visited an old monastery called Kloster Hirsau.  Though much of the historical sites are just the ruins, there is a chapel standing on the property.
Germany07.JPG (103103 bytes) With all the activity and sightseeing that has taken place, I occasionally needed a nap.  This was the perfect spot to catch a little shut eye.  A perfect fit! Germany09.JPG (88473 bytes) Hermann Hesse is one of the famous people from this region of Germany.  Here we are having a little chat on Nikolaus Bruecke. 
Germany08.JPG (82279 bytes) Mom you would love this place.  There were eis haus’s (ice cream) everywhere.  Here Tanja, Alex (her boyfriend) & I stop for ice cream like I had never seen before!  YUMMY! Germany10.JPG (77876 bytes) History in Europe is so different than history in the states.   The Fachwerk Haus pictured here date back to the early 15th century.  Beautiful buildings!
Germany13.JPG (76083 bytes) There are castles throughout Germany.  We went and visited Burg Zavelstein which is the smallest town in all of Germany.  Behind me are the trees of the Black Forest. Germany14.JPG (81520 bytes) We played a little frisbee in many places throughout our traveling around.  Here is Tanja trying to throw the frisbee up to me on my way up the tower so I can throw it down from the top.
Germany15.JPG (83778 bytes) Burg Zavelstein was nice, but was nothing in comparison to the grandest castle in the Swavian region called Burg Hohenzollern.  A beautiful castle first built in the 11th century. Germany16.JPG (67838 bytes) The view from the castle stretched for hundreds of kilometers as the castle was perfectly situated atop the highest mountain for as far as the eye can see in this region.
Germany17.JPG (84379 bytes) Once again, the pictures do not do this place any sort of justice.  But here I am in the midst of the castle, Burg Hohenzollern.  Quite a fortress! Burg Hohenzollern11.JPG (521135 bytes) We also took the time to explore the hidden tunnels and casements which are still to this day being discovered and excavated.  Here Tanja is leading us into the casements.
Germany19.JPG (71917 bytes) The time in Germany ended with a trip to Lake Constance.   It is a place where many of the Germans like to go on holiday.  As you can see the weather is beginning to get a little cold. Germany12.JPG (70364 bytes) Thank you Tanja & Alex for showing me around this beautiful region of S. Germany.  I was quite impressed.  I am sorry the stay was not longer, but it is time to go to Switzerland.