Formentera01.JPG (75249 bytes) After a great stay in Mallorca, we were all excited to hit the Sea.  Getting the boat in and out of port is a team effort.  Here Dave & Rich help to unite to untie Chimera. Formentera03.JPG (73820 bytes) Capt. Jane steered us in the right direction as we departed Palma Mallorca toward our first stop in Formentera.
Formentera02.JPG (62830 bytes) As we were leaving Palma, we saw a colorful sunset over the sea.  Do I look a little excited for what is to come? Formentera04.JPG (62440 bytes) After an exciting sail through the night we knew we were close to our first stop in Formentera when we saw the lighthouse on the point.  Formentera is also in the Balearic Islands.
Formentera05.JPG (68244 bytes) Whether Jen is simply enjoying the scenery or is looking for oncoming boats is unknown.  Either way the setting was spectacular for all of us to enjoy. Formentera06.JPG (76127 bytes) I was ready to cool off so as soon as we got anchored off shore, I got into my suit and dove into the very inviting water. 
Formentera11.JPG (61759 bytes) What a beautiful boat!  Here is Chimera anchored in Fomentera.  People are constantly stopping, looking and commenting on what a beautiful boat it is. Formentera07.JPG (77676 bytes) I was pleasantly surprised to find a white sand beach.   Though a bit overcrowded by mid afternoon, Rich and Dave managed to find a small area in which to relax and catch some sun.
Formentera08.JPG (68817 bytes) Since we were anchored instead of at port we used the dinghy to get ourselves onto shore.  Here Dave greets Jen & Rich as they return to shore from Chimera. Formentera10.JPG (72197 bytes) Anyone for some frisbee?  As we walked around the rocks and the beach I was always ready for a a little frisbee. 
Formentera09.JPG (78531 bytes) To end our difficult day of sailing and roughing it on the beach and the boat, we went to a beachside restaurant for Cava Sangrias.  What a great first day on our sail of S. Spain. Formentera12.JPG (65468 bytes) As the sun was setting across the Mediterranean Sea, a sailboat came into view to create a rather picturesque finish to the day.
Formentera13.JPG (39329 bytes) One of the beauties of living on a boat for the time being is that I not only get to see the sun rise and set, but I also get to see the moon rise every day.  Rough life, huh? Formentera14.JPG (76970 bytes) Never mind how it may look with Capt. Dave asleep at the wheel!   We were in good hands as Dave, Rich and Otto piloted us onto our next destination!