My Family Pictures
Gateway Clipper03.JPG (277087 bytes) It is not hard for me to identify who the heroes are in my life.   Here they are, my mom & my dad!  May 03 Reunion22.JPG (277267 bytes) I am blessed to have a close extended family.  Here is my dad's side of the family gathering for a family reunion in 2003.
IMG_0788.JPG (496358 bytes) Oh how do I like to be with my niece and nephew!  Kylie & Justin are two of the cutest children I have ever seen.  What do you think? IMG_0916.JPG (517986 bytes) Here is Justin exorting in joy with his mom & my sister, Joy.
PICT0485.JPG (417569 bytes) Upon returning from Europe in 2004, Kylie & I wore our matching Wimbledon shirts on the streets of Monrovia. IMG_0095.JPG (973136 bytes) In August of 2005, Joy & Matt and Matt's entire family all came to Lanai for a wonderful vacation together.  Here we all are gathered on Big Beach in Maui!
IMG_0750.JPG (613606 bytes) My Uncle John, my Dad & I getting dressed up in Dec. 05.  May 03 Reunion10.JPG (236182 bytes) Here are my parents, my sister, my brother in law, Kylie & I in 2003 at a family reunion.
Beckham Place15.JPG (127415 bytes) Shortly after I got back from traveling in Europe my family and our cousins, the Powells, gathered to celebrate my mom's birthday! May 03 Reunion13.JPG (83624 bytes) How grateful I am for a wonderful heritage which includes my grandparents.   Here is my Grammy just a few months before she went to be with the Lord!
IMG_0924.JPG (590506 bytes) In Jan, 06 I went home for the weekend from Hawaii to celebrate Kylie's 3rd birthday.  Back Porch015.JPG (357510 bytes) Here are Kylie & I wrestling on the porch of my house in Hawaii!
Mini Golf005.JPG (1029357 bytes) A little mini golf with the family on Lanai! Kylie & Justin Sofa003.JPG (1057398 bytes) Priceless!!!