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Jason Berns' Great Adventures in Europe 2004!

The Itinerary-(If you want to see  pics, click here)






On Wednesday, May 12th, 2004, I finished my job as tennis director at Caneel Bay in St. John, USVI and began what was an amazing time of travel and exploration.  The last three years of living in Hawaii and St. John whet my appetite for traveling.  I first created this website so family and friends could follow my travels & adventures. I had hoped to entice some friends into joining me on the journey, but I was not successful.   But I still had a wonderful time making new friends and seeing friends who I had met while teaching tennis the last few years.  Though I would have preferred to travel with friends or family, I figure this was the best time to go.  Therefore, off I went on the adventure  When I returned I expected to move back to Southern California to be close to my family pictured below.  However, the opportunity to return to Hawaii for a few months was too good to pass up.  If you click on the itinerary link above you will see all the places I visited in Europe in 2004.  For more pictures of each stop, just click on the names of the places and you will see a much greater range of pictures.  I hope you can enjoy the pictures and musings that I share.  As a disclaimer, I am not a web designer, so this was just the basics!:) 


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My parents visiting St. John in Mar. 2004.        My niece Kylie at her home.                         My sister & brother in law.