Estapona05.JPG (75864 bytes) After Marina del Este, we sailed to Estapona where Chimera had stopped after crossing the Atlantic in 2002.  It was a sentimental return for Chimera.    The Kitchen.JPG (736713 bytes) Yes we do have to eat & drink when we are at sail.  Jen has spoiled us upon arrival at many of our detinations with wonderful smoothies as seen being made in our kitchen. 
Estapona01.JPG (72410 bytes) Somehow I failed to get many pictures while we were in Estapona.   Part of that is probably because I spent most of the day we were in port at Estepona trekking over to Valderrama. Estapona02.JPG (70849 bytes) Valderrama is the top rated golf course in Spain.  It is most famous for hosting the Ryder Cup in 1997, but also hosts the year end European PGA Volvo Masters at the end of Oct.
Estapona03.JPG (70856 bytes) I made the most of not being able to play Valderrama today, by going to the #2 course in Spain called Real Club of Sotogrande.  I will play Valderrama next week!J Estapona06.JPG (69387 bytes) Dave & Juana became amigas with the owner of La Palma where we ate in Estepona.  Another great dining experience.  Eating & drinking with our crew is always lively.  2 prerequisites…Thrift Shopping and Listening to Dave!J
Barbate02.JPG (71209 bytes) The Rock of Gibraltar!  Ever heard of it?  What a treat to be able to sail through the Straits of Gibraltar!  This is where we left the Med Sea and entered the Atlantic Ocean. Barbate01.JPG (70852 bytes) Not only did we sail through the Straits of Gibraltar, but we did so to a beautiful sunrise. Seeing the many vessels anchored gave a feel for what the congestion at this thoroughfare can be like.
Barbate03.JPG (63034 bytes) Dave steered us through the many boats and fishing lines with great success.  A great fan of lighthouses, he even got an up close picture of this famous lighthouse. Barbate04.JPG (73199 bytes) With the wind blowing and the seas providing a good sailing opportunity, I took the wheel.  Steering Chimera just beyond the Straits of Gibraltar was a definite highlight.
Barbate05.JPG (71376 bytes) Here is the whole team looking out for any potential problems as we prepare to enter the port at Barbate.  Our first port in the Atlantic Ocean of the trip.  Barbate06.JPG (62020 bytes) Here is Barbate from sea.  Can you see the difference in color between the blue water in the Mediterranean from previous pictures and the green colored water in the Atlantic?