Prague, Czech Republic

Train.JPG (994875 bytes) When I arrived at the train station to go to Prague, I was pleased to run into the same family that I had rode with on the train to Vienna.  A delightful family from Toronto! PICT0008.JPG (70338 bytes) The first night I headed into into the Old Town Square for dinner and to see the sites of Prague by night.  Here is a portion of the city square.
PICT0007.JPG (81478 bytes) The Old Town Square is filled with many awesome structures.   Here is the "famous" astrological clock of Prague.  It seems as if every church in Europe has some sort of famous clock! PICT0009.JPG (74219 bytes) Upon arriving in Prague, I met Beata & Lisa from Sweden.   After finally finding a hostel with availability in Prague, we went out to the “Largest Dance Club in Central Europe.”
Prague04.JPG (84231 bytes) Unfortunately, on Monday when I went to see the National Museum, it was closed.  So this is a picture of me in front of the fountain at the National Museum.  Prague05.JPG (70148 bytes) Here is Wencelas Square looking back toward the National Museum.   This was the scene of so many of the demonstrations here in Prague during the Velvet Revolution.
Prague07.JPG (83663 bytes) Vienna has the Ferris Wheel to be like Paris.  Prague has a mini Eiffel Tower which sits upon Petrin Hill and gives a fantastic view of the city of Prague.  Prague15.JPG (61973 bytes) When I checked into my hostel in Prague, I was welcomed by a fellow Westmont Grad who was good friends with Heather Sunukjian.  What a small world!  Here I am with Carrie & Matthias.
Prague08.JPG (79112 bytes) Here is a birdseye view of the Prague Castle as seen from the “Eiffel Tower.”  Prague09.JPG (73823 bytes) Also sitting atop Petrin Hill is a maze of mirrors.  A quick, but fun site to see here in Prague.   Not real significant, but entertaining.  
Prague19.JPG (81474 bytes) St. Nicholas Church in Prague was one of the first churches in Europe to feature Baroque style architecture.  The interior of the church was beautifully Baroque.  Prague10.JPG (73582 bytes) Street Performers abound in Europe, but I found them to be especially prevalent in Prague.  Many of them were actually trying to sell CD’s as well.  Here are is a trio performing.
Prague12.JPG (73460 bytes) Here is a picture of the President’s Palace here in Prague.   Upon the balcony that you see is where the President took his throne when Czech split from Slovakia.  Prague13.JPG (79864 bytes) Prague as seen from the castle/palace area of the city!
Prague14.JPG (67324 bytes) Here I am sitting on the famous Charles Bridge.  Why is it that so many of the major cities of Europe have a significant river running through it?   Prague16.JPG (69130 bytes)  

Carrie and her boyfriend run St. Toby’s Hostel in Prague.  My final night in Prague, Carrie & I went to the National Theater of Prague and saw a great production of Carmen.


Prague17.JPG (72172 bytes) Two operas in the matter of one week.  I never would have thought I would have enjoyed going to the opera so much!  Europe does strange things to you!  I was fortunate that they were both very good. Prague18.JPG (75269 bytes) Though I saw this opera from a little higher up than I did in Vienna, they were still great seats.  What will happen in Germany and Switzerland for an encore?  We shall see!  I will be sure to let you know!