DSC08689.JPG (105521 bytes) Once back on the coast in the NW part of Australia, it was time for some outside adventure.  The first activity of choice was to go skydiving in Cairns.  DSC08696.JPG (103456 bytes) Tats & I jumped from 14000 feet so the free fall was a little bit longer than the last time I jumped in the Canary Islands.  I think I could get addicted to this type of fun!
DSC08706.JPG (116047 bytes) Once we pulled the shute, he allowed me to control the shute and we did a number of spins and twists.  Definitely a rush! DSC08707.JPG (100342 bytes) Here is the view of the parachute right after we pulled it.  It is quite a jerk when the chute gets pulled as the free fall comes to an end.
IMG_1658.JPG (274871 bytes) Here I am coming in for a landing!  Mom, I would have told you before I went, but didn’t want you to worry.  So now that I am on the ground and alive and well, enjoy the pics!  Next time I need friends or family to jump with me!!!! IMG_1665.JPG (960577 bytes) The activity for the 2nd day was river rafting on the Tully River. Here is part of the group that I went rafting with.
IMG_3219.JPG (903550 bytes) The category 4 river was a lot of fun, though our guide was a bit of a bother.  We still had fun!  Fortunately I was in front and had the best seat on the boat. IMG_3223.JPG (1053591 bytes) The weather had been rainy the previous 3 days so it made for some good conditions for rafting.  Here we all are going down one of the shutes!
IMG_3277.JPG (1326495 bytes) It is a rough life, but someone has got to live it.  Wow, one month and it will be back to reality.  Yikes, what is that going to look like?J IMG_3334.JPG (1199114 bytes) Here is my group that I spent 5 hours paddling down the Tully River with, Rene, Irwin, Lorraine, Rhys, Diane and Cari.
DSC_0041.JPG (341608 bytes) After 3 days of people telling me the diving on The Great Barrier Reef was ruined, it ended up being great.  Here I am with a Clown Fish and Fish Anemone. IMG_1678.JPG (424316 bytes) Here I am in front of the 2nd of our dive spots called Michelman's Cay.   The reef and fish were incredible.
IMG_1671.JPG (484646 bytes) It is too bad that there is not a polarized lens on my camera because the colors of the ocean and the reef behind me are far more spectacular than this picture would indicate.  DSC_0077.JPG (332403 bytes) The reef is what was most amazing about the dive, but there were also so many varieties of fish and reef sharks that made both dives very exciting.  What is next?:)