Byron Bay & Surfer's Paradise
Beach Pic.JPG (513369 bytes) I finally arrived at the hippie, tourist capital of the E. coast, Byron Bay.  Here I am ready to go relive the boogey boarding glory days! Jas Walk Pic02.JPG (448953 bytes) I went for a hike around the Bay to the Easternmost point on mainland Australia.  The views were spectacular, as opposed to the hair!:)
Boogey Board04.JPG (361304 bytes) Where is Joy to boogey board next to me?  Being back on a boogey board reminded me of the many summers at Carpinteria boogey boarding with Joy! Boogey Board05.JPG (357938 bytes) The smile on my face I think indicated I was having a good time in the water!
Byron Bay Lighthouse02.JPG (120524 bytes) One more lighthouse...The Byron Bay Lighthouse. Jas Walk Pic03.JPG (312255 bytes) Here I am sitting above the Easternmost point of mainland Australia.
Beach.JPG (140238 bytes) The beach at Byron Bay is beautiful.  On this day a storm was about to roll in.  F1000004.JPG (760798 bytes) However, before the storm rolled in, I got out and went surfing.  I can't stay in Byron Bay without surfing.  Sorry about the quality, stinkin underwater cam.
wpe4EC.jpg (172061 bytes) This is not an action shot, but you get the idea.  I showed a little progress from when I went surfing a few weeks ago in Sydney. Views01.JPG (256628 bytes) More beautiful scenery along the eastern coast.
Surfer's Paradise01.JPG (219419 bytes) The other attraction I went and saw in this area was Surfer's Paradise.   It is the Miami of Australia.  Anyone hear about the 100 sharks in the water today? Queensland Sign.JPG (123656 bytes) Queensland held many good memories for me, but now it is time to head back to Sydney for the end of my Australia stay!