The British Open
Jas & Lehman.JPG (97213 bytes) Tom Lehman has always been a professional golfer I have respected both for his play and the way he lives his life.  So on day one I walked all 18 holes with him and then met him after his round. Lehman Day 1004.JPG (103983 bytes) Here is Lehman putting for eagle on hole #6.  He birdied the hole to go to 3 under.  Unfortunately, it was pretty much all down hill from there for him as he did not make the cut.
Tiger & Norman Day 1001.JPG (105412 bytes) On the first day I also walked a few holes with Tiger & Greg Norman.  It was not worth it though to fight the crowds who follow Tiger’s every move. Jas on Hole 3 Tee.JPG (95658 bytes) The British Open was played at Royal Troon this year.  Next year it will return to St. Andrews.  As you can see here, it is a links style course right on the ocean. 
Postage Stamp.JPG (94079 bytes) I spent the last day and a half at the Postage Stamp Hole.   It is a short par 3, but challenged all the pros due to the rain, wind, and other conditions.  Here is the hole from where I watched it. Monty Hole 16 Day 2002.JPG (106699 bytes) Royal Troon was Colin Montgomerie’s home course as a child.   He was definitely the crowd favorite.  I followed him around for several holes, but found his attitude to be quite arrogant.
Phil Hole 16 Day 2002.JPG (93036 bytes) It was another near miss for Phil.  The fans loved him in Scotland as well.  He was very gracious as each day I saw him taking time to sign autographs and talk to fans.  Here he just misses an eagle putt on 16. Steve Flesch Chipping IN.JPG (108033 bytes) The first shot I saw on Saturday was this one by Steve Flesch as he chipped in for birdie.  He was also the very first golfer I saw on Thursday and on that day I saw him take 3 shots to get out of a bunker.
Tiger Tee.JPG (93264 bytes) The crowds and security that followed Tiger around each day was mind-boggling.  You can see a glimpse of it here as he walks away from the tee box at The Postage Stamp. Vijay & Toms Day 1002.JPG (104778 bytes) Vijay and David Toms were another twosome I walked a few holes with on the first day.  As you can see behind the tee box here on number 2, the course is a links course right on the water.
Ernie & Daughter Putting Green.JPG (55424 bytes) As seen on the itinerary page, I got to meet Ernie Els.   He was a very nice guy.  Oh how I wish he could have pulled out the victory in the playoff.   Here he is practicing his putting with his daughter on the putting green.   She would set the ball down and then tell him what to do.  It was quite cute.. Jas on Course.JPG (99441 bytes) I had three wonderful days of watching the British Open.  I followed players around the course, I sat on certain holes and saw multiple players come through and just enjoyed another very unique experience.   I wish I could have seen the final day, but it was time to head to Maine.  Can the trip continue to go this well throughout?