PICT0358.JPG (110585 bytes) A stop over in Boston was an unexpected, but very memorable part of my trip.  I stayed with Shannon and her roommate Joanna.  Here Shan & I are ironing for our night in Harvard Square. PICT0362.JPG (117415 bytes) Shan & I have been friends for over 28 years.  Can you tell?  It was very easy to feel right back at home as we caught up and visited.  The Boston skyline towers in the background.
PICT0361.JPG (117247 bytes) As we watched the sunset, we listened to a come from behind 9th inning HR for the Sox to beat the Yanks!  The Red Sox faithful are not raising their arms to be with me, but rather to celebrate the walk off home run! PICT0368.JPG (103577 bytes) For dinner we headed in to Harvard Square.  We ate at John Harvard’s.  After a great meal we were ready for a night of live music and dancing.  Off we went.  
PICT0373.JPG (120290 bytes) Shan & Joey had no problem finding people to dance with.   How about the guy in the red Hawaiian shirt?   Shan humored him with this picture as the band from Gordon played their music.  Deebs, wish you were here! PICT0371.JPG (114703 bytes) Next it was time for the guy in the red Hawaiian shirt to watch as this New Hampshire boy took Joey for a twirl.  The boys were not shy this evening, but the women were both with me!J
PICT0366a.JPG (160208 bytes) It just so happened that we drove by Fenway Park as we were on our way out.  The lights were still on and the crowd was still pouring out in exuberance over the victory.  Please forgive the poor photo.  You get the idea. PICT0387.JPG (117918 bytes) After the band finished up, we went to a club to dance some more.   We had a blast dancing until the place closed.  It was an epic night out in Boston!  Thanks Shan & Joey!