Barcelona13.JPG (74042 bytes) I stayed in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona which was very near to Battio Gotic that you see in this picture. Barcelona04.JPG (68071 bytes) Upon arrival in Barcelona I learned that I would be there for 3 days of La Merce festival which included concerts, parades and much more fun.
Barcelona01.JPG (63438 bytes) During the day there was so much to see.  Since I was staying in the Gothic Quarter, one of my first stops was the Picasso Museum where Picasso Peace & War was displayed. Barcelona02.JPG (38753 bytes) Picasso was definitely a man of peace and opposed all war that he lived through.  Here is his sculpture of the Shepherd and the Lamb.
Barcelona03.JPG (63518 bytes) I don’t imagine this woman was real happy to have this portrait done of her.  Picasso’s modernist style was certainly unique for his time.  Barcelona05.JPG (82702 bytes) One can’t go to Barcelona without marveling at the works of Antoni Gaudi. Here is the front fašade of Casa Batllo which he designed.
Barcelona06.JPG (70021 bytes) There were no straight lines in the Casa Batllo.  Here is the fireplace within the living quarters.  Barcelona07.JPG (78642 bytes) The windows, the lighting, the edges and everything else withing Casa Batllo is so unique.  Here I am in one of the front rooms.
Barcelona08.JPG (86838 bytes) Here is a portion of the exterior of La Pedrera, another one of Gaudi’s many buildings in Barcelona. Barcelona09.JPG (103727 bytes) Though I was not able to get into the Casa de Las Punxes it was quite impressive from the outside. 
Barcelona10.JPG (70866 bytes) Next on the Gaudi tour was the Temple Sagrada Familia.  This continued my tour of scaffoldingJ, but what was not being fixed up was quite impressive. Barcelona11.JPG (69878 bytes) From atop the towers of the Church is quite an impressive view of Barcelona.  Here I am with a portion of the city behind me.
Barcelona12.JPG (61879 bytes) Though not as spectacular as I had hoped, the sunset I watched from atop the Temple was very nice.  Barcelona15.JPG (86557 bytes) Park Guell is another spot which has beautiful Gaudi original designs and a museum in his former home.  Here is the entrance to the Park.
Barcelona14.JPG (66168 bytes) Gaudi was a man who placed significance in his faith.  Here I am in the park with the cross from atop one of the buildings behind me.  Barcelona20.JPG (84512 bytes) One can not go to Barcelona without walking down La Ramblas.   I should have gotten one of the hundreds of street performers.  But here is the street. 
Barcelona19.JPG (73506 bytes) I went to the park of Montjuic one day.  At the park I took the cable car to up to the top to look around the fort. Barcelona17.JPG (76458 bytes) Here is the fort at Montjuic.  I can imagine that this fort would have been difficult to penetrate after seeing its strength.
Barcelona16.JPG (71649 bytes) Barcelona had once hosted the Olympics in 92.  Barcelona is still proud of the job they did in hosting the games.   Here is the main Olympic Complex from the 92 Games. Barcelona18.JPG (73459 bytes) Barcelona was a great city, but I am ready for Mallorca and then some serious sailing!!!!